Who We Are

We are just a few guys from Nashville, TN and from the very beginning we knew we would be called Accelerated Age. It doesn’t really have anything to do with our ages, it has more to do with our times. Things happen more quickly now, but sometimes you take your time and make what you want to make while the world speeds and moves on around you. This first song we are releasing is called Breathe Again. We felt that, lyrically, this is how we should extend our handshake. That is because this song most clearly communicates the purpose behind why we make music. Jesus Christ. Not all of our songs are this direct, though always related. This is a new band for all of us, and arguably a new musical direction  in some ways. We hope that you enjoy it. This will be the first of three distinctly different songs that paint broad strokes around the kind of music you can expect from us. God willing, that will be on or around Jan 31st. We will be releasing the other two over the next month or so. Enjoy.

Breathe Again